More interlocking beads.
First six rows show a mixture of snake beads made by the Prosser method. (type A).
Row 7: Mixed German or Bohemian regular molded flower cup and snake beads.
Interlocking cup are Type B, size: 10 x 8mm. Translucent green snake with 6 points. Size: 9 x 5mm are type A.
Row 8: Simulated snake beads (not interlocking). German or Bohemian molded beads, size: 10 x 6mm.
Row 9: Bohemian or German dog bone shaped interlocking molded beads, size:9 x 6mm.
Rows 10 and 11: Bohemian regular molded snake beads with four rounded points, size: 12 x 4mm
Last row: German or Bohemian molded flower beads with four petals, size: 13 x 8mm, type B.


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