Mixed colors, cut and shapes of Bohemian drawn beads. All are hand finished

row 1 - 7-sided sapphire, average size 9.5m
row 2 - 6-sided midnight blue, average size: 8.5mm, as seen on the Levin card "Traded for slaves"
row 3 - 6-sided light blue, 2-layer compound, average size: 9.5mm
In center 8-sided rounded red, average size: 11mm
row 4 - 6-sided green, average size: 9mm
row 5 - 8-sided turquoise, 2-layer compound, average size: 10mm
row 6 - 8-sided white, average size: 11mm
row 7 - 7-sided green, average size 9mm
row 8 - 6-sided purple, average size: 9mm
row 9 - 7-sided sapphire, 2-layer compound, average size: 14 x 8mm

Exhibit Bead

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