The J.F. Sick & Co. Bead Color Catalog, 1921

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With advice and hints to all who wish to buy Beads

Question 1: Where shall I buy my Beads?

Answer 1: Always for your own benefit, from

J.F. Sick & Co.

The best and most reliable firm whose many years experience in this trade enable them to
offer the finest and largest assortment, at the lowest prices.

You are strongly advised never to order beads from other firms,
without first getting quotations and particulars as to delivery, terms, etc. from

J.F. Sick & Co.

who are confident of their ability to give you entire satisfaction.

Question 2: When may I expect delivery?

Answer 2: Please do not expect your goods by return mail, as that is impossible. Always send orders four to five months before you require the goods on the Coast. Remember that we cannot possibly hold stock of all of the thousands of lines we sell, and that consequently the beads you order may have first to be made by us specially for you. Orders only reach us a month after you post them. It takes six to eight weeks to get the beads and after that their journey from the factory to the port of shipment, making about five months in all. For example: if you want beads on the Coast for Christmas trade, you must order no later than July.

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