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A Pictorial Essay on Ghanaian Beads

This is the archive of our second exhibit dedicated to Ghanaian beads. It is not yet well established when the Ghanaian bead industry started but it has been noticed first by the Portuguese in 1530. Most of the beads here are of a more recent generation maybe the late 1800s or early 1900s.and continuing on to contemporary examples. On certain occasions we have shown their Venetian counterparts. It is unclear yet which ones would have been the prototypes. For instance, already on a 1898 Francis Greil sample card a small yellow bead shows some similarity in the cross loop design to a favorite motif of the Akoso. There are numerous, perhaps thousands of Venetian beads that could have influenced the native industry but it can also be the other way around or they just may have influenced each other in a sort of back and forth motion. However, Venice stopped making those beads practically in the 50s and bead making in Ghana is alive and is constantly evolving. The subject can be debated!

We recommend for more information on this type of bead you read the articles by Robert Liu in “Ornament” magazine vol 25 No.2 winter 2001 and “The Krobo and Bodom” by Kirk Stanfield in “Beads” vols.12-13. 2000-2001 and his articles on the NBS website. We also thank Billy Steinberg for his participation with his outstanding collection that makes the exhibit more interesting. Comments and participation are welcome. Enjoy!

John and Ruth Picard

Please note that these beads are not for sale.

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